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with light brown hair and a white beard. >> three teens who sexually assaulted 15-year-old audrie pott while she was drunk and passed out at a party, during a conference yesterday, her mother said they wrote crude messages on her body an e- mailed photos. she committed suicide days later. >> they harassed the victim with the photos and took steps to cover up the evidence. >> audrie pott's mother and father plan to sue them and want them to be tried as adults. the boy's say they were inaccurate and a judge will decide whether they will remain in custody or be released to their parents. >>> we are following breaking news this is the iranians -- iran where the quake measured 7.8 and another quake hit the region lastweek killing 37 people and we are getting death tolls on this new earthquake and we will continue to follow this story but we will bring more information as soon as it becomes available. >> hopefully the traffic will not be a prop problem. >> we are looking at the commute on the -- commute on the east shore freeway and the commute is looking good on the bay bridge plaza and we had an
. and they will use this memorial service to honor the victims of monday's bombing at the marathon. >> pamela brown is standing outside the cathedral of the holy cross in boston. good morning. >> good morning to you, john. the interfaith service doesn't begin until 11:00 a.m. eastern time but crowds have been building outside the cathedral of the holy cross since around 4:30 this morning. let's look at the crowds. several blocks out from the cathedral, as far down as i can see. about three blocks right now. you can expect crowds to continue to build because the service is open to the public. as mentioned, president obama will be speaking this morning, along -- he will be joined by first lady michelle obama, also former massachusetts governor and former presidential candidate mitt romney will be in attendance today. the president's message will be focused on resolve, a shared commonality of the american people with the people of boston and a big focus will, of course, be on the victims from monday's tragedy, those who suffered and those who have lost their lives. late yesterday afternoon boston univ
information with authorities. i'm joined by pamela brown. >> good morning to you, john. this area, the heart of boston's back bay, very popular area. still closed. the residents being asked to stay hyper vigilant. also there is a heavy law enforcement presence. authorities are investigating who's behind this act of terror, how they were able to carry it out and why. >> reporter: just before 3:00 p.m., more than 4:09 into the race, a thunderous boom. celebratory cheer turned into screams of horror. seconds later, at least 50 yards away, another. runners and spectators at the finish line stunned. that shock rippled through the crowd, many running from the scene, others towards it. >> we heard just one massive explosion, a huge boom. obviously we didn't know what it was. then when the second one went off, we said, that's a bomb, and it was -- we could smell the smoke. we saw people lying on the ground. runners were crying and the police were on it. >> reporter: blood everywhere, people without limits, the wounded crying, confused. >> it was the most serious thing i've dealt with being on the fu
but investigators were seen leaving the building in revere early today, carrying brown paper bags, plastic trash bags and a dufflebag. authorities are appealing to the public for amateur video and those that might provide clues to carry out the bombing. the new york post is reporting that the apartment lost its one year old saudi national. he is here on a student visa and is in the hospital. he has burns from the blast, they're calling him a person of interest but not officially calling him a suspect. >> 7328 am and as we continue to study the very latest and get the latest news out of boston we are also getting new reaction from participants were in the marathon yesterday. >> i think that's what they want to do is that fear in our hearts and not have us come out to a race like this. it is not going to stop me from wanting to do it again, it makes the want to do it even more now. >> the boston marathon dates back to 1897. it is the world's oldest annual marathon. it attracts racers and spectators from around the world. the next big marathon is this sunday in london. london officials this morning
. and that is -- that is good for us to understand at this time. >> our pam brown is standing by outside this apartment building in revere, massachusetts. good morning, pam. what do you have out there? >> good morning to you, john. we're about 15 minutes away from downtown boston at an apament complex here on ocean avenue. this is where authorities spent eight hours yesterday executing a search warrant inside an apartment here, at this apartment complex. this is according to cnn's susan candiotti. local and state police, as well as firefighters, came in here yesterday, starting at around 5:00 p.m. again, here for eight hours. in an apartment on the fifth floor, we are told. we saw authorities bringing out boxes from that apartment. at one point, a state police officer brought in what looked like some sort of equipment, but right now authorities telling us that at this point, that no arrests have been made, that no one is in custody. we did speak to residents here at this apartment complex. they tell us that all they could really say was that there was just a lot of authorities here yesterday. that it's a bit of
with light brown hair and a white beard. >>> veterinarian said the rescued seal pup thought to be a girl is actually a boy. he was rescued one week ago but he will keep his new name, doll loy got his name in palo alto and the 14-pound pup is half the size of what the pup should be. they expect to release dolly in a few months. >>> time now 5:48 we have a brand-new crash in san mateo where is it? >> this one is reportedly involving debris all over the world, southbound 101 at highway 92 and it looks like it could be a pretty serious crash according to chp and there is debris in all the lanes, heavy metal debris, rebar and other kind of metal and it was a prius and another vehicle involved in this crash and they are looking for heavy tow truck for a big-rig and again, highway 101, you might want to consider using 280 as an alternative and people are slowing to take a look and medics are on the way. >>> we talked about getting over to the peninsular and so far it looks okay heading out there. and if you want to look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light. let's go to steve. >>> well, if
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at the table. eggo® wafflers are packed with flavors like brown sugar cinnamon roll, so you don't need syrup. eggo® wafflers. simply delicious™. >>> streets of boston are quiet this morning, so much work ahead for investigators today. we will have more from there coming up. >>> and now a quick check on some of the other news we're following. a u.s. military chopper crashed outside north korea. >> the blackhawk helicopter went down on the south korean side of the border with 12 people on board. it appears they all survived the crash. it occurred during joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea. the cause not immediately clear. >>> and the crash followed the rare public appearance of kim jong-un. the young dictatorpoed up at several events around pyongyang monday to mark the birthday of the nation's founder, his grandfather. he attended musical performances and sports matches as state television continued to fuel tensions making provocative statements against the u.s. >>> breaking news from the heartland. three earthquakes have struck oklahoma. the largest a magnitude 4.3 al
injured. we have the latest report. investigators in leaving the house carrying a brown paper bags plastic trash bags in a duffel bag. it is a suburb of downtown boston. emily schmidt is live in boston with the latest. >> there is an entire block of boston that shot off around copley square one indication of the enormity of the two explosions. and the national reaction they have set off. >> (chaos) >> 2 deadly explosions put an abrupt stop to to treasured boston traditions. >> there was a tremendous explosion that some of like a bomb went off right next week's. the shock waves hit my whole body and my legs started jittering around. >> doctors treating the injured said they were forced to perform habitations. >> there were very severe once and obviously it is upsetting to see so many people come in so quickly with injuries like that. >> experts say ball bearings found in victims' bodies were designed to scatter shrapnel. authorities are calling it a terrorist attack but have not determined whether it was bart are domestic. >> this cowardly act must be taken within stride. we will turn every
that. you like moga, and if i may cite the most famous american monga, peanuts, charlie brown faces lieuy who is holding a football, encouraging him to kick the football, and he wants to kick the football, but doubts that she will hold it and thinks he'll take it away because she does, and he ends up flat on his back, and so i think a lot of us in washington are like charlie brown, we want to believe, but there have be experiences in the past where the growth strategy has not been specific or carried through. i think everyone is looking forward very much to the growth strategy and to the specific elements that are credible and carry through on. that's the comment. the question is about the first arrow. can you give us more flavor of the discussion today and the j20 about monetary stimlouse, not just japan, but advanced economies, and the impact of that op global markets and whether there was significant concern about that issue and any agreement to address monetary stimulus. [speaking japanese] [speaking japanese] [speaking japanese] >> translator: in fact, g20 meetings were held wi
and fox news contributor, scott brown. senator, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. good morning. >> steve: patriots day, boston marathon day. that is the biggest, happiest, most celebratory day of the year in boston. >> listen, you had the red sox playing. it is patriots day. you had the marathon, probable will he an extra million five people in the city of about 640,000. so it certainly was a target ripe environment, target rich environment. it's just tragic to go from this horrific scene, i think everybody was just shocked, but i'll tell you what, i'm angry. i know a lot of other people are angry. i got a text, a long text from doug flutie, former quarterback, as you know, boston college fame, saying where do i sign up? who do we go and get? you see joann drowsy helping out a -- andruzi helping out. we're going to do a top to bottom review of what went right and wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> steve: i understand the anger. but you look at all the first responders, all the police officers, all the national guardsmen who were there yesterday. the city was vigila
to be in early to mid 50s about 6 feet tall. brown hair and white beard. >>> $10,000 reward is being offered this morning to help find a missing man from hayward. the disappearance of nigel jay is suspicious and he may be the victim of foul play. he was last seen in downtown oakland 11 days ago. his cell phone has not been used and no activity on his bank account. his rental car was found in east oakland a couple days after he was last seen. >> 8:20 is the time right now. surveillance video has been a key part of the boston bombing investigation. why experts say cell phone video is more helpful than surveillance video. >> this is what your weather looks like. a lot of sunshine around the bay area this morning. meteorologist steve coming back and tell you. >> goodly morning. traffic is going to be busy this morning if you are driving through the 237 corridor. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time,
, that's for sure. >> pamela brown, thank you. >>> boston likes to consider itself in many ways the medical capital of the world. some of the best hospitals on earth are here in this city. and more than 144 people are now being treated inside these hospitals following yesterday's terror attack in boston. cnn's poppy harlow is at one of the best. she joins us now from brigham & women's hospital. good morning, poppy. >> good morning, john and pamela. the number we have at this hour, the highest its been, 144 injured, 3 fatalities, 17 critical condition at this hour. we know that 25 of the people injured are in serious condition. and among the most troubling news, eight of those injured, at least eight, are children. also ten people have had to have at least one of their limbs amputated. when you talk about the kinds of injuries, many of them are lower body, lower extremity injuries because of the type of device, ied like devices that exploded. the ages, we're talking about victims injured from age 2 to age 71. those are the ages that we're looking at. and in terms of the descripti
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)